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Quoted from Many Years From Now: (p.534)

The White Album itself was quite complex in its studio techniques, but it was a step towards simplicity, compared to Sgt. Pepper, as was its sleeve. Let It Be, as it was eventually called, was conceived of as an absolute return to basics. It was John's idea not to use any of the tricks of the modern recording studio, not even overdubs, but to play their new album live in the studio. George Martin: 'John said there was to be no echoes, no overdubs, and none of my jiggery-pokery. It was to be an "honest" album in that if they didn't get a song right the first time they would record it again and again until they did. It was awful, we did take after take. And John would be asking if Take 67 was better than Take 39.'

Nonetheless, things in the studio were not as bad as have sometimes been made out. The film Let It Be shows a number of moments when the band clicks and at least some of the old energy begins to flow. Paul's track 'Two Of Us', written about Linda, was performed in the film by John and Paul, sharing the same microphone and behaving in every way as if the lyrics were about the two of them. They appear to be having a good time together, particularly when John ad-libs, 'Two of us wearing make-up.'

Posted: 6 apr 2012

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