And Your Bird Can Sing - Lennon/McCartney

The original recording by The Beatles:

Lennon Vocal, rhythm guitar, handclaps; McCartney harmony vocal, bass, handclaps; Harrison harmony vocal, lead guitar, handclaps; Starr drums, tambourine, handclaps

The recording by Peter Devilee:

Peter lead & harmony vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, bass, tambourine, handclaps; Ron Wildschut drums

Recorded: 20th, 26th April 1966, Abbey Road 2.
Producer: George Martin. Engineer: Geoff Emerick.
UK release: 5th August 1966 (LP: Revolver);
US release: 20th June 1966 (LP: 'Yesterday' . . . And Today)

Recorded: 8 sessions, 2nd January 2010 - 30th October 2010, Homestudio 1 (approx 15 hours). Editing, mixing, mastering: 21st November 2010 - 5th December 2010 (approx 10 hours).
Producer: Peter Devilee. Engineer: Peter Devilee.
Release: December 5th, 2010

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