Mother Nature's Son - Lennon/McCartney

The original recording by The Beatles:

McCartney double-tracked vocal, acoustic guitars, drums, timpani; Uncredited 2 trompets, 2 trombones

The recording by Peter Devilee:

Peter double-tracked vocal, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, handclaps, midi-programming brass & drums;

Recorded: 9th, 20th August, 1968, Abbey Road 2.
Producer: George Martin. Engineer: Ken Scott.
UK release: 22nd November 1968 (LP: The Beatles);
US release: 25th November 1968 (LP: The Beatles);

Recorded: Jan-Feb 2012, Homestudio 1; Midi-programming drums, brass: 2-4 december 2011; Editing, mixing, mastering: March 2012. Approx 42 hrs total time.
Producer: Peter Devilee. Engineer: Peter Devilee.
Release: March 10th, 2012

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