Think For Yourself - Harrison

The original recording by The Beatles:

Harrison vocal, rhythm guitar; Lennon harmony vocal, electric piano (?); McCartney harmony vocal, bass; Starr drums, maracas, tambourine

The recording by Peter Devilee:

Peter Lead & harmony vocals, electric guitar, Fender Precision bass (through fuzz box), maracas, tambourine, Logic Midi-programming (Liverpool bass, Harmonium); Ronald Wildschut: Drums

Recorded: 8th November 1965, Abbey Road 2.
Producer: George Martin. Engineer: Norman Smith.
UK release: 3rd December 1965 (LP: Rubber Soul).

More on this song:

Recorded: 28 March - 17 July 2015; Mixed and mastered: 18 July 2015 - 2 August 2015, Homestudio 1
Producer: Peter Devilee; Engineer: Peter Devilee
Release: 2nd August 2015