Think For Yourself - Reviews

Reviewed by Ian MacDonald, in Revolution in the Head:

Another early-hours session produced Harrison's second contribution to Rubber Soul: a typically sour jibe, allegedly 'political' in inspiration. Oddly mixed (as if to disguise leakage missed during a bounce-down), the track features two basses - one recorded conventionally from a Vox amp in the studio, the other played through a distortion unit [1] and recorded by direct injection. The second bass-line seems to have been added to help the listener through Harrison's violent chord-changes (an angry circular progression from A minor, via D minor, to a remote B flat and back through C and G).

Underrated beside the pious IF I NEEDED SOMEONE, THINK FOR YOURSELF is less ingratiating but more incisive. While the performance might have been better, it serves its purpose and McCartney's harmony at the chorus's descent to E flat major has real fervor.


  1. Often referred to as a fuzz-box (or 'fuzz bass'), this overload gadget was custom-built by Abbey Road engineers. The first fuzz-box, the Gibson Maestro Fuzztone marketed in 1962, had been used by The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards on their October 1965 UK hit 'Satisfaction', though the effect itself had been known for years, usually through accidental damage to output valves or speakers. For a while, guitarists took to slashing their speaker cones to obtain the sound (e.g., Dave Davies on The Kinks' 1964 hit 'You Really Got Me'). More on the fuzz box in Andy Babiuk's review.

Posted: 2 aug 2015