Two Of Us - Lennon/McCartney

The original recording by The Beatles:

McCartney vocal, acoustic guitar;

Lennon vocal, acoustic guitar; Harrison bass guitar; Starr drums

The recording by Peter Devilee and Frans Dijkgraaf:

Peter lead vocal (high register), Martin D28 acoustic guitar (L), Fender VI bass; Frans Dijkgraaf lead vocal (low register), Martin D28 acoustic guitar (R); Logic Instruments basskick.

Recorded: 24th, 25th, 31st January 1969, Apple Studios.
Producer: George Martin. Engineer: Glyn Johns.
UK release: 8th May 1970 (LP: Let It Be);
US release: 18th May 1970 (LP: Let It Be).

Recorded and produced in 2018 (approx 10 hrs), Homestudio 1.
Producer: Peter Devilee. Engineer: Peter Devilee.
NL Release: 1 January, 2019.

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