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Quoted from Here, There and Everywhere: p.81

At that same session, a new song – “Can't Buy Me Love” – was recorded. It had the same level of excitement as previous Beatles singles and was quickly slated to be an A-side, but first there was a technical problem to be overcome, discovered when the tape was brought back and played at our studios. Perhaps because it had been spooled incorrectly, the tape had a ripple in it, resulting in the intermittent loss of treble on Ringo's hi-hat cymbal. There was tremendous time pressure to get the track mixed and delivered to the pressing plant, and due to touring commitments the Beatles themselves were unavailable, so George and Norman took it upon themselves to make a little artistic adjustment.

As I eagerly moved into the engineer's seat for the very first time, Norman headed down into the studio to overdub a hastily set-up hi-hat from the studio drum kit onto selected sections of the song while I recorded him, simultaneously doing a two-track to two-track dub. Thanks to Norman's considerable skills as a drummer, the repair was made quickly and seamlessly, and I doubt if even the Beatles themselves ever realized that their performance had been surreptitiously augmented. Certainly it didn't affect the popularity of the record, which shot straight to the top of the charts in both England and America the week it was released.

Posted: 28 dec 2009

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