Jericho - Joni Mitchell

The original recording by Joni Mitchell:

Joni Mitchell guitar and vocals; Jaco Pastorius fretless bass; Don Alias bongos; Wayne Shorter soprano sax; John Guerin drums

The recording by Peter Devilee:

Peter acoustic rhythm guitars, keyboard ("soprano sax"); Dr. Rhythm drums, percussion; Jos Bergwerff Fender Jazz bass; Antoinette Kloosterman lead vocal

Recorded: 1977, A&M Studios, Hollywood, California, USA. Recorded and mixed by Henry Lewy, Steve Katz. Mastered by Bernie Grundman
US release: December 1977 (LP: Don Juan's Reckless Daughter)

Recorded: 2005-2007 in many, many sessions in Homestudio 1! Drumcomputer programming: June 6 - Aug 13, 2005. Acoustic guitar tracks: Aug 14-15, 2005 (take 1) and Jan 3-5, 2006 (take 2). Bass track by Jos: Jan 6, 2006. Lead vocal by Antoinette: May 31, 2007 (takes 1-3) and July 17, 2007 (takes 4-5). Producer: Peter Devilee. Engineer: Peter Devilee.
NL Release: July 25th, 2007. Play It!

Posted: July 30th, 2007