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Quoted from Recording Sessions: p.116

Sunday 13 October 1968. Studio Two: 7 .OOpm - 6.00am. Recording: 'Julia' (takes 1-3). Stereo mixing: 'Julia' (remix 1, from take 3); 'Dear Prudence' (remix 1, from take 1); 'Wild Honey Pie' (remixes 1 and 2, from take 1); 'Back In The USSR' (remix 1, from take 6); 'Blackbird' (remix 1, from take 32). Mono mixing: 'Julia' (remix 1, from take 3); 'Dear Prudence' (remixes 1-5 from take 1); 'Blackbird' (remix 10, from take 32). P: George Martin. E: Ken Scott. 2E: John Smith.

The 32nd and final song intended for The Beatles was a gentle and touching new John Lennon composition, 'Julia', named after his late mother but also including a reference to Yoko in its lyric. 'Julia' was a solo Lennon recording - the only such occurrence during the Beatles' career - and it was recorded simply, on a four-track machine: acoustic guitar and vocal taped twice over, the two vocal recordings allowing for an effective word overlap on the word "Julia" itself. The song was finished in very little time, and it was immediately mixed for both mono and stereo.

Posted: 24 nov 2014

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