She Loves - Lennon/McCartney

Reviewed by Mark Lewisohn, in Sessions :

Parlophone was dominating British pop music by June 1963, just 12 months after the Beatles had tested for this 'unfashionable' label. The top three places in the mid-month charts were filled by the Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers (actually on the Columbia label but produced by George Martin and Ron Richards) and Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas. Martin took a two-week holiday in mid-June and returned to a full studio diary, for in addition to the label's usual roster of artists, Brian Epstein was supplying several more new acts. The Beatles came in to record on 1 July, Gerry and the Pacemakers 2 July, The Fourmost had their artist test on 3 July, there was a Beatles remix on 4 July, Kramer was in on 16 July, Gerry on 17 July, 18 July was a Beatles remix and a Gerry session, Kramer on 22 July, the Fourmost returned for their first session on 24 July, Cilla Black came for her artist test on 25 July, there was a Kramer remix on 29 July and the Beatles recorded on the 30th.

SHE LOVES YOU was another very new song, John and Paul having composed it in a Newcastle-upon-Tyne hotel room on 26 June. Paul's initial idea was to have an 'answering' song, him singing "She Loves You" and the others calling back "Yeah Yeah Yeah". John persuaded him to drop the idea. "I was sitting in my usual place on a high stool in Studio 2 when John and Paul first ran through the song on their acoustic guitars, George joining in on the choruses," recalls George Martin. "I thought it was great but was intrigued by the final chord, an odd sort of major sixth, with George doing the sixth and John and Paul the third and fifths, like a Glenn Miller arrangement. They were saying 'It's a great chord! Nobody's ever heard it before!' Of course I knew that wasn't quite true!"

"I was setting up the microphone when I saw the lyrics on the music stand," says Norman Smith. "I thought 1'll just have a quick look. 'She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah, She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah, She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah, Yeah'. I thought 'Oh my God, what a lyric! This is going to be one that I do not like'. But when they started to sing it - bang, wow, terrific, I was up at the mixer jogging around." Precise details of the recording 'takes' no longer exist, but three reels of tape were filled in putting down SHE LOVES YOU and its B-side I'LL GET YOU. The record was to become the group's first million seller.