Taxman - Lennon/McCartney

The original recording by The Beatles:

Harrison vocal, lead guitar; Lennon backing vocal; McCartney backing vocal, bass, lead guitar; Starr drums, tambourine, cowbell

The recording by Peter Devilee:

Peter Lead vocal, backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, bass, tambourine, sound effects; Ronald Wildschut Drums, cowbell;

Recorded: 20th-22nd April, 16th May 1966, Abbey Road 2; 21st June 1966, Abbey Road 3.
Producer: George Martin. Engineer: Geoff Emerick.
UK release: Sth August 1966 (LP: Revolver)
US release: 8th August 1966 (LP: Revolver)

Recorded and produced in 23 sessions, Oct 2006 - Jan 2007, Homestudio 1.
Producer: Peter Devilee. Engineer: Peter Devilee.
NL Release: 14 Jan 2007
Remake with some 2007-tracks: 2020, Homestudio 1.
Release: 1 Mar 2021

De versie van The Hoogvliet Zinkopeters, release: 7 november 2010.

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