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Reviewed by Ian MacDonald, in Revolution in the Head:

Taped fast in an afternoon session, this was the first all-acoustic Beatles track, a format inspired by their Dylan fad. Ironically, at exactly the same time as The Beatles we're laying aside their electric guitars and drums under the influence of Dylan's Another Side, he was in a New York studio recording his first amplified set, Bringing It All Back Home - a move he had made after hearing and meeting The Beatles. Featuring Lennon's first vocal for two years not to be double-tracked, YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY is a sort of sequel to his earlier 'Dylan' number, I'M A LOSER. In fact, the stylistic resemblance in both cases is superficial, being limited mainly to a downbeat starkness of sound and delivery. (A more direct steal from Dylan can be heard in the recurring 'Aaahs' of TICKET TO RIDE.) Musically, the debt is to the strummed major triads of the Anglo-American folk style, the only anomaly being a poetic coda for flutes, written and played by EMI arranger Johnnie Scott. Singer and gay rights champion Tom Robinson has suggested that the lyric refers to homosexuality and concerns Lennon's relationship with Brian Epstein, but it is a mistake to imagine that a singer-songwriter always works autobiographically, and in this case Lennon clearly adopts a persona.

Posted: 28 dec 2009

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