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Reviewed by Ian MacDonald, in Revolution in the Head:

Recorded in an afternoon session - the last track for Help! before the group flew to the Bahamas to start filming - YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL is more substantial than most of the album, if no less of a filler. Lennon's hardbitten lyric suits the music and is very well sung - particularly the falsetto A that ties the song's basic E major to the jeering G major of its middle eight.

The explosive release here spraks the others into a powerful performance, Starr battering somewhat chaotically on bongos as McCartney and Harrison belt out their ringing response-pattern backing vocals. With the best vocal sound on a Beatles record of this period, YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL, unlike most of the Help! material, stands the test of time [1].


  1. Harrison's guitar solo features the first use of his new Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster. Given to him during the 1965 American tour (Lennon got one too), this became one of his favourite instruments, being the vehicle of the slide ('bottleneck') sound for which he still uses it [e.g., on FREE AS A BIRD].

Posted: 16 apr 2011

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